Social media marketing

The Social Push Numbers

People Impacted
Industries Impacted

Engagement is measured on likes, follows, shares, comments, retweets, click-throughs and much more.

Learn from what your clients and customers are saying online about you right now. Then, develop an action plan to satisfy the needs of your business.

Having a professional and established brand on Social Media will facilitate the introduction of new prospects. Therefore, with the right management and content your digital pages will organically thrive.

Custom marketing funnels specific to your business and platforms are essential to generating the right attention.

3 Month Project Plan

There are NO contracts, NO subscriptions, and NO commitments. Every single one of our plans operate on a month to month basis. We start by introducing a 3 Month Project Plan outlining the scope of our work together and goals for each month. If we don’t reach our goals together, then we don’t get to charge you until we do.

Multi-Platform Management

Finding the right platform for your brand is essential to maximize your growth. You do not have to be on all platforms to reach your goals. Instead, we will research what platform your target audiences are on and take action.

Target Audience

Do not publish the same content across all platforms ever again. Not one platform is the same, and not one audience is the same. Maximize your potential by understanding what type of content your audience will engage most with. We tailor and study audiences that match your brand specific to each platform. 

Content Curation

Our approach is quality or quantity. Therefore, we provide uniquely designed content generated by our team of graphic designers and marketing strategists. Each post is carefully designed to represent the core values of your brand while promoting engagement.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing and Graphics should have a 1:1 relationship. Our writing team focuses on the stories we can tell through your brand. In some cases, your messages might have a greater impact and influence on your audience than a graphic. All of our Social Media packages include creative writing.

Hashtag Analysis

Stop underestimating the power of Hashtags. Our strategist team conducts quantifiable research to design custom sets of Hashtags for each of your platforms on a monthly basis. We will consistently optimize low performing sets and re-cycle high performing sets.

have peace of mind in your social media marketing

We operate with transparency and will clearly define expectations.